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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I am an accredited investor?

A: Any person in the U.S. earning at least $200k per year or a couple earning $300k per year over the past two years and expected to do so in the current year; or a net worth of at least $1M (excluding your primary residence); or anyone who holds a Series 65 or Series 66/7 and who maintain an active license is considered accredited according to the SEC.


Q: What are some things you do to mitigate risks?

A: Our team provides an independent underwriting of each project with conservative projections, we thoroughly vet operator partners, conduct market analysis and are active participants in the due diligence process.


We participate as active members of the general partnership and oversee asset management. Our interests are directly aligned with our investors because we invest our capital into any projects that are available to our investor base.


Q: How is this different from a REIT?

A: A REIT is an investment into a company that owns, operates, or finances many income-producing properties offered in the public markets that can be purchased by retail investors. A real estate syndication is a direct investment of private investor capital into a real estate property as a limited partner. REITs do not offer investors the tax benefits that are available to direct owners of real estate.


Q: What is the minimum amount needed to be able to invest?


A: Our minimums typically start at $50,000.


Q: Can I really use my IRA or 401k for this type of opportunity?

A: Yes. Investors can establish a self-directed IRA, solo 401k or eQRP to invest directly in a real estate syndication.

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