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Elevate Your Investment Game

We help BUSY PROFESSIONALS like YOU create passive income and wealth like the 1% so you can free up your time, upgrade your lifestyle and create generational wealth for your loved ones.



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The Passive Wealth Investors Club invites you to unlock a world of elite investment opportunities, once exclusive to the upper echelons of finance, the ultra-wealthy and institutional investors.


Step confidently into high-performing asset classes, guided by our reliable and successful investment blueprint. Our innovative approach to income generation is not just tax-efficient but also inflation-responsive and recession-resistant.


Anticipate returns that are as remarkable as they are rewarding. And it's not all about the returns; we keep you empowered with the latest market insights and educational materials, opening doors to new investment horizons.


Picture this – we help high-performing professionals like you put your wealth-building on autopilot and surf the wave to financial freedom.


Check out some of our investment opportunities where we aim to keep the risk as mellow as a beach breeze and the returns as high as the tide. It's time to escape the wild rip current of the stock market and position your investment strategy for a smoother, more diversified ride all while reducing your tax drag and pumping up your passive income. Get ready to ride the world-class wave of wealth!

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Here at the Passive Wealth Investors Club, our strategy is like a treasure map to financial success. We sort through hundreds of properties and select only those that pass our strict vetting process. We target underperforming multifamily assets that are well-located and contain massive upside potential.


Our network of seasoned professionals works together as a team to optimize property performance. We are always seeking to welcome new passive investor partners (like you) to join our team as we build a high-yield, income-generating real estate empire together.

Our goal is to make your investment journey as seamless as it is fruitful, all without the usual stress of property management.


We partner with trusted and accomplished best-in-class operators that are focused on niche markets and have a track record of business plan performance.



Matt Maupin is a professional

full-time investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as both a general partner and limited partner with knowledge and experience in multiple commercial real estates asset classes such as multifamily, industrial, office and self-storage as well as commodities, crypto and alternative investments.

Who this is for



Busy professionals who are tired of stock market volatility and risks


Those who want to create financial freedom


Investors looking to

reduce taxes


Accredited Investors



Step 1:


 and fill out the contact form.

How This Works


Check What People Have To Say

He exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. 

I knew that Matt Maupin was an experienced and successful real estate investor. I invested with him on a project he was working on. He exceeded my expectations from the beginning by answering all my questions and provided me the necessary information to make an informed decision, with no pressure I might add.  Throughout the project Matt would provide a detailed status report. He was very responsive to answering any questions.


- Dave M.
(Littleton, CO)

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It produced a nice return just like he said it would.

I wanted to find a path to financial freedom, but didn’t know where to start. Matt Maupin began to talk to me about the benefits of real estate investing. Eventually, I decided to invest in one of his real estate deals. It produced a nice return just like he said it would. I’ve since done multiple real estate deals with Matt and have been very happy with the results. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and has the experience.


- Michael R.
(Denver, CO)

I was able to multiply my investment many times over!

I first invested with Matt Maupin in 2005 on an apartment complex.  Over the course of the 13-year hold period, the property provided positive cash flow and I was able to multiply my investment many times over! I would recommend investing with Matt and continue to do so myself.


- Roger M.
(Austin, TX)

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PWI Social Posts (4).png

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